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The '''Interactive Satellite for Art and Design Experimental Research''' or '''INVADER''', also known as '''Cubesat Oscar 77''' ('''CO-77''') and '''Artsat-1''' is an artificial satellite for artistic experiments in space. The satellite was built by the University of Tokyo in collaboration with Tama Art University. It has a size of 100x100x100mm (without antennas) and built around a standard 1U cubesat bus. The primary satellite payload is an FM voice transmitter. Also, it includes low-resolution CMOS camera and thermochromic panels for artistic purposes. It was launched into orbit by a H-IIA launch vehicle on 27 February 2014 as a sub-payload of Global Precipitation Measurement|GPM Core satellite. It reentered Earth's atmosphere on 2 September 2014.
Insignia| mission_type = Amateur radio
Mission duration| spacecraft_type = 1U CubeSat
Manufacturer| dry_mass =
Launch mass{{convert|1.5|kg|lb}}
Power| launch_date = {{start-date|27 February 2014, 18:37|timezone=yes}} UTC{{cite web|url=|title=Launch Log|first=Jonathan|last=McDowell|work=Jonathan's Space Page|accessdate=1 January 2015}}
Launch rocketH-IIA 202
Launch siteTanegashima Space Center|Tanegashima Yoshinobu Launch Complex|Yoshinobu 1
Launch contractorMitsubishi Heavy Industries|Mitsubishi
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